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Chetan Rao

Love riding motorcycles and learning about them? You might be the kind of writer we're looking for. Please read the guidelines below carefully before applying. We do not review applications if you have clearly not read these guidelines.

RideMaterial currently accepts two categories of submissions: contributor submissions and guest author submissions. The table below explains the difference.

 Contributor PostGuest Post
Get paid for writingYesNo
By-line (you’re credited as author)NoYes
Dedicated author pageNoYes
Backlinks to your social media / websiteNoYes*
Choose your own post topicNoYes
Choose your own post lengthNoYes
Choose your own publication dateNoYes
Syndication (republish the post elsewhere, or submit a previously published post)NoYes

 *All links are no-follow.

Guidelines for Contributors

Contributor posts are not credited (i.e., you don’t get a by-line). At the sole discretion of RideMaterial editors, by-lines may be offered to long-time contributors or exceptional writers.

We maintain a list from which contributors may choose a topic for article submission. Topics can ONLY be chosen from this topic list for contributor posts. Unsolicited posts and articles with other topics will be rejected.

Contributors must first complete a screening process to be approved. Access to the topic list for contributor posts is open only to approved contributors.

The screening process involves submitting at least two sample posts. If you have prior published content elsewhere, you may submit links to those posts as samples. Note that we must be able to establish that you are the author of those posts, so ghost content or posts attributed to a different name are not valid samples. Sample posts will NOT be published on RideMaterial.

Currently, we accept two types of contributor submissions: medium posts (2000 to 2500 words) and long posts (3000 to 4000 words). The required word count for each topic is specified in our topic list. Submissions that are shorter than the stipulated length will be rejected.

If we accept an article for publication, we pay $25 per medium article and $45 per long article. We accept a maximum of four articles per month (or any consecutive 30-day period) per contributor. This limit applies across both post types, medium and long.

Payments are credited BEFORE each accepted article appears on RideMaterial. Payments are made only via PayPal.

Once a contributor post is accepted and paid for by RideMaterial, it is the property of RideMaterial and you waive all rights to that article. You may not re-use or republish that article anywhere else, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from RideMaterial.

The timeline to publish a confirmed post is at the discretion of RideMaterial editors. Normally, this is one to three weeks from the date of confirmation but may vary according to our editorial requirements.

The contributor submissions link is further down on this page.

Guidelines for Guest Authors

Guest posts on RideMaterial are credited (i.e., you get a by-line). As a guest author, you get the benefit of being published on a high-quality, fast-growing website with an audience that's passionate about motorcycles. You also get a dedicated author page with backlinks to your website or social media accounts. RideMaterial does not pay guest authors.

We highly recommend that you first pitch us a post idea with a topic and outlines, before submitting a fully written guest post.

Syndicated content (i.e., content that is already published elsewhere, in whole or in part) is allowed for guest post submissions, but it is not ideal. Original content that is not previously published anywhere else has a far higher chance of getting accepted on RideMaterial. You must declare that you have the rights to re-use any previously published content that you submit.

You retain the right to republish or syndicate elsewhere, any guest post that you submit on RideMaterial. We reserve the right to remove any guest post and/or guest author page from our website at any time, unless other terms are agreed to in writing, before publication.

Once a guest post is confirmed for publication on RideMaterial, you can choose to specify an optional publish-by date. If you do not specify a publish-by date, our editors will publish it at their discretion. This is normally within one to three weeks from the date of confirmation.

The guest post submissions link is further down on this page.

Guidelines for All Submissions

The decision to accept any article for publication on this site, whether a contributor post or a guest post, is entirely at the discretion of RideMaterial editors.

All submissions must be well-written, in American English, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. More details on language and formatting will be provided after you are approved as a contributor, or once your guest post pitch is approved.

All submissions may be edited for clarity, accuracy, formatting and word count considerations. Guest authors will have the opportunity to review the final edit before publication. Links determined by our editors to be overly promotional may be removed at their discretion.

We only respond to submissions from writers who are shortlisted for the next step of the process. If we do not respond to you within five business days of your application, please consider that your application does not match our current editorial needs. By the same token, please wait at least five days before re-using the same contributor post submission elsewhere. On an unrelated note, do you like pineapples? Let us know when you apply!

The application process is only for first-time contributors and guest authors. If you are previously published on RideMaterial as a contributor or guest author, you should submit articles directly to us via email.