Which Is the Fastest Triumph Tiger Model Ever Made?

Chetan Rao

The most spectacular adventure riding routes usually aren't just a five-minute ride away from where riders typically live. Hence the popularity of adventure tourers: motorcycles that can keep going when the road ends, but that can also make quick work of the long stretches of highway to get to those remote, beyond-the-road's-end places.

As adventure bikes go, the Triumph Tiger holds its own with the best of them. With most models in the Tiger range packing 80 or more horsepower, they’re no slouches either. So: how fast is a Triumph Tiger?

Although Triumph no longer publishes official top speed figures, of all the Triumph Tiger models currently in production, the Tiger 1200 has the highest top speed, at 137 mph (221 kph). The 2014 Tiger 1050 has the highest top speed clocked on any Tiger model, at 164 mph (264 kph).

Here’s an overview of the fastest Triumph Tiger models documented to date — with videos for good measure.

Triumph Tiger models from 2010 to 2022, ranked by top speed

RankYearModelTop Speed (mph)Top Speed (kph)
12014Triumph Tiger 1050164264
22011Triumph Tiger 1050150241
32018Triumph Tiger 800 XCx141227
42014Triumph Tiger 800 XC141227
52014Triumph Tiger Explorer139223
62020Triumph Tiger 1200137221
72020Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally137220
82019Triumph Tiger 800 XRx130210
92013Triumph Tiger XC129208
102020Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro127205
112021Triumph Tiger 900 GT121195
122021Triumph Tiger Sport 660121194

Triumph Tiger 1050 Top Speed

The highest reported top speed of any Triumph Tiger is on the 2014 Tiger 1050, at 164 mph (264 kph). However, this may have been a modified bike, recorded on a downhill run, or have had a faulty speedometer. The 2011 Tiger 1050 has been recorded at a top speed of 150 mph (241 kph).

Triumph Tiger 800 Top Speed

The highest top speed recorded on the Triumph Tiger 800 is on the Tiger XC and the Tiger XCx models, both of which clocked top speeds of 141 mph (227 kph). The Tiger 800 XRx, though a few pounds lighter, clocks in at an indicated top speed of 130 mph (210 kph).

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 Top Speed

Despite being one of the heaviest adventure bikes around, the Triumph Tiger Explorer still has a decent top speed of 139 mph (223 kph), owing to its fairly high power output of 139 hp.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Top Speed

The top speed on the Triumph Tiger 1200 is 137 mph (221 kph), as recorded on both the 2020 Tiger 1200 and Tiger 1200 Rally models.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Top Speed

The Triumph Tiger 900 clocks a top speed of 127 mph (205 kph) on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro model, while the Tiger 900 GT has a more modest top speed of 121 mph (195 kph).

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Top Speed

Being the least powerful model of the Triumph Tiger lineup with just 80 hp, the Tiger Sport 660 also has the lowest top speed, at just 121 mph (194 kph).